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“Eyes are the windows of the soul. I frame the beauty within. I’m an Optician.″

The Eye Man measuring pupillary distance

There’s no doubt about it, we love eyes! We base the foundation of our business on Matthew 6:22~ The eyes are the lamp of the body, if the eyes are healthy, the whole body will be full of light~

The quality of your vision matters to us, so we make it our mission only to use the highest quality lenses and most up-to-date technology.

Employees undergo extensive training in lens design and attend Continuing Education seminars to better learn how to fit, adjust, and customize lenses for each patient based on frame selection and prescription. In addition to taking basic measuements, our staff is able to compensate for vertex distance, slab-off, decentration, and pantoscopic tilt.

The Eye Man measuring segment heigh

Our preferred choice in glare-free products is Crizal due to the clarity, durability, and clean-ability of the lens. Crizal lenses are the number one brand of glare-free lenses on the market because of their oleophobic and hydrophobic properties.

Transitions brand of photochromic lenses are the only lens technology for variant lenses we use due to the rapid improvements in the thermo active and microcrystal technologies. If you are in the age bracket of 38+ your doctor may recommend a lens you can use for both reading and distance. Out of the 800 plus brands of progressive lenses available in today’s market, there is only one we put our trust in- Varilux. The design of progressive lenses, technology, and fitting techniques used vary by patient; however, some of the most commonly used lens designs include:

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Transitions Lenses Vantage


Varilux Comfort Lenses
Varilux Enhanced Lenses