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Archive | August, 2014

Be who you were created to be

I love how God speaks to me in various ways. In the past week, my boys have requested to watch the new Disney Movie, Frozen at least half a dozen times. We even listen to the soundtrack while getting ready and eating breakfast. And I have to admit, I now have every song memorized, sometimes […]

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The destructive path of perfectionism

Perfectionism: it was the topic of discussion for my best friend and I this morning- we both have this incessant desire for perfection- to the be perfect wife, sister, mother, friend, and disciple. While it is good to desire to excel and have goals, we both find that when we fall short of our goal, […]

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What is non glare and why do I need it?

What is non glare and why do I need it? As a Licensed Dispensing Optician for the past 8 years, this question has presented itself countless times. The longer I am in this industry the more I begin to realize we are doing our patients an injustice if so many people have no idea how […]

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