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In His eyes


In the children’s story book, “You Are Special”, the main character is a wooden person named Punchinello. In the wooden village where Punchinello lives, the villagers have a practice of sticking stars or dots on one another. The stars represent greatness and the wooden villagers wearing these are admired, held in high esteem for their talents or beauty. The dots, however, represent dislike- reserved for those wooden villagers that aren’t talented, perhaps clumsy or with scratches in their paint, any imperfection. No matter how hard he tries, Punchinello is the latter, he has acquired so many dots by fellow villagers that he is given dots for no reason at all. But then, as the story progresses, he comes to meet his maker, Eli, the woodworker. Eli affirms him, he tells him to disregard the thoughts of others, explaining, “I made you, I don’t make mistakes.” Words such as these have never been spoken to Punchinello, and as he comes to believe the truth and love in Eli’s words, a dot falls off.

This story makes me reflect on how much emphasis I put on what others say or think about me. When I feel disappointed, discouraged or unworthy, I have to remember, as Punchinello did, that God made me, and loves me. He is where I find my identity. I am who He says I am, period. And he says I am worthy, I am loved, and best of all, I am His!

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