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Busy, busy, busy


It’s the typical answer given when asked, “How are you?,” or, “How is everything going?”. I’m guilty of it, I think we all are. It’s important to look at what fuels this response. Culturally, we have begun to pride ourselves on that statement: a comparison of our busyness. We boast about it; we use it as an excuse not to do something or to make ourselves feel better about not being able to do something. Because if we are too busy, it’s almost as if we are above what someone else is doing. Some of us busy ourselves with work, children, church… the list goes on. Why though, and is this healthy and God honoring? Are we bringing God glory in our busyness?

I think not. It is wonderful to be active and have things that are enjoyable taking up time in our lives. The reality is we all have time, the same amount of it. None of us are victims to time; in fact, we idolize it allowing ourselves to become enslaved by it. We have time up on a pedestal and we treasure it allowing it to become our obsession and central focus. Consider a different view point: busyness is a choice. We pick and choose what we make time for. We make a conscious decision to run around like chickens with our heads cut off. I challenge you to un busy yourself- disconnect from your busyness to connect with the world; stop long enough to not just smell the roses, but enjoy them. Start by putting God first and seeking His will for your time. Don’t be so busy being busy that life just passes you by. Life is not a race to the finish line, the person with the largest to-do list doesn’t win a prize. So cross a few things off that silly list- or better yet throw it in the trash, and spend some quality time with God and those that mean the most to you.

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