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Pinching pennies: when it works and when it doesn’t


We are all looking for a great deal. Before biting the bullet, we usually search for the best price. There are items such as handbags and sporting gear that we have no issue purchasing at full price; yet for eyewear, we scour the Internet and hop from store to store in search of the lowest possible price.

What exactly does being a smart shopper entail in the eyewear industry?

Some industries are easy to compare prices, while others are much more confusing. Glasses, are the latter. While we like to think we make shopping for eyewear FUN and EASY, most people dread it. There are several contributing factors to the huge variance in price of eyewear and why Buy1Get1 FREE often times are not the best option.

Buy 1 get 1 free deals can sound enticing and at first appear to save money, but soon turn into a disaster. Bottom line, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Bear in mind there is very little in life that is actually free. Your best bet? Instead of researching for the best price, research the best lens system for YOU. Everyone is different, and different prescriptions AND lifestyles play a tremendous role in whether or not a pair of glasses are going to work for you.

When it comes to lenses, price plays a huge role in clarity, durability, and technology. It’s great to walk around with the new IPhone 6s, but if you struggle to read the screen, consider investing in a set of lenses as technologically current as your phone. Technology has come a LONG way, you no longer have to wear your grandmother’s eyewear! Check out lenses made by Essilor and Shamir– get to know what a quality lens is. Go to your Optician with a list of expectations in what you want from your eyewear. Prepare to invest wisely in your sight, after all there are very few things as important as clear vision.

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