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Archive | July, 2017

Mud-stained moments

ONE DOES NOT SEE ANYTHING UNTIL ONE SEES IT’S BEAUTY – Oscar Wilde What do you see beauty in? Do you see beauty in the smallest of moments? Can you find it in mud tracks on the floor, kids toys scattered throughout the house, piles of laundry? There is so much beauty in mud-stained moments. […]

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Don’t be a fool when it comes to school

It’s that time of year when school supply lists come flooding in, and it’s time to shop for school clothes and shoes, and get hair cuts. In the hustle and bustle make sure to remember one of the MOST important back to school supplies- an annual eye exam. Good vision allows little ones to succeed […]

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Simple Formula for Living

Life really is simple when it comes down to it- first love God, then love others as you love yourself. My favorite of these simples rules of life if to be kind to unkind people. We never know what challenge someone else is going thru and being kind even when they don’t “deserve” it can […]

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You Can Do Anything

A car break light needs to be replaced, your dryer won’t heat, your printer won’t cooperate, need tips for BBQing the perfect chicken…now what? As a man who didn’t have a father figure around to teach me the basics of home repair and maintenance, I have at times felt ill-equipt and overwhelmed when things start […]

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Beyond the Screen

  Disconnect to connect. It’s a growing theme and trend. In the past 10 years we have seen a huge shift in how people relate to one another, how we communicate. Technological advances have been INCREDIBLE- they help us in so many facets of our lives, from meal planning, communicating with doctors offices about our […]

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  It sure can be a dog eats dog world out there. From a young age (girls especially) feel the need to tear each other down to make themselves rise to the top- it starts on the play ground and continues on thru middle school cliques, into homecoming and prom queens, ending in the workplace. […]

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