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It sure can be a dog eats dog world out there. From a young age (girls especially) feel the need to tear each other down to make themselves rise to the top- it starts on the play ground and continues on thru middle school cliques, into homecoming and prom queens, ending in the workplace. Competition is good, healthy-it can help us achieve goals and greatness we would not have thought we were able to, if done in the right way. What is seems we need to better understand and pass down to generations behind us, is that we do not have to trample one another to prove ourselves or achieve our dreams. To quote Jack Johnson, “We are better together.” When we lift one another up and celebrate the achievements of others and push jealousy or envy out of the picture, we are better. We create a world full of healthy competition- we accept constructive criticism better, which allows us to focus on ourselves and improvements we can make to achieve our goals. I once heard it said that comparison is the thief of joy- let that sink in for a second… I for one refuse to let anyone or anything steal my joy. I will choose to be joyful regardless of my circumstances, I will choose to celebrate the victory of those around me even if that victory means a failure to me. Why? Because it will make me stronger, happier, and more able. Because it will set the type of example to my daughter of the woman I hope she becomes: loving, joyful, empowered, grateful- a peace maker and freedom shaker!

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