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Archive | August, 2017

Keep Calm

Friday #fun! This was too funny not to add to our blog. New eyewear always makes me feel happy and fresh. Do you feel like you’ve had an instant makeover when you pick up your new glasses? You should!

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1 in 4

1 out of 4 children have undiagnosed vision problems. Because 80% of what we learn is thru our eyes it’s of upmost importance to make sure your child is prepared this year. #wecandobetter #learning #eyes #vision #backtoschool #bogosale #doyourbest #kidsglasses #kidseyewear #kidshealth #eyehealth

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The “Perfect” Life

  All of us have an image in our minds of the perfect life; for some of us it includes owning a home, a spouse, kids, a white picket fence, traveling, a high paying job… It’s easy to get caught up in these fantasies. With instant access to the lives of others- successes and frustrations, […]

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