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The “Perfect” Life


All of us have an image in our minds of the perfect life; for some of us it includes owning a home, a spouse, kids, a white picket fence, traveling, a high paying job… It’s easy to get caught up in these fantasies. With instant access to the lives of others- successes and frustrations, it fuels our need, our desire to achieve our perfect life. Heck- we have to get there so we can post it to Facebook or Instagram, right? The questions becomes, as we envelop ourselves in the rush of business that consumes our lives to get these things that we believe will make our lives perfect, what are we missing out on? What are we sacrificing? Once we have what we believe will make up our “perfect lives” will we be happy, truly content, or will it leave an empty gap- the desire for more?

The truth is, the more I have, the more overwhelmed and consumed I feel. Sometimes when we take time to simplify and slooooow doooown, we allow ourselves the ability to focus on what really matters. What matters is now, not next week, next month, or next year when you reach your goal. It’s about focusing on where we are and the blessings that surround us today. The simple joys in life are just as meaningful and gratifying as the complex perfect life we so badly want to obtain. We need to enjoy the moments- each baby step it takes to get where we are going, and slow down enough to live in the moment. Each little moment comprises that perfect life we work towards each and every day. The journey is just as important if not more, than the finish line. Remember: sometimes less is more. Living a joyful life is less about perfection and more about contentment and time to smell the roses.

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