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When Someone Else’s Grass is Looking Greener

“ When the grass looks greener on the other side, it’s time to water your own Lawn!” 

It’s human nature to look at someone else’s life and fantasize that they have it better or easier than I do. When I think this way, where does that really get me? Does it help me to grow myself or help me reach my ambitions… no, instead it takes me to a place of pitying myself. The truth is, I have no idea what they have been through or are going through. Images I see on the outside don’t tell whats going on in other facets of their life- on the inside. For all I know, they could be looking at my grass and feeling the same way about me.  As Maya Angelo said, “They see my glory but don’t know my story.”  It’s impossible to know all a person has gone through or sacrificed to get to where they are.Instead of being focused outward, I do so much better when I live intentionally and focus inward. When I choose to live in gratitude for what I already have instead of looking at my cup as half full. Instead, I have learned to take time to invest in gratitude and seeking God’s will for my life because I know that He has GREAT things in store for me.



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