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The Eye Man’s certified opticians provide professional guidance and service. We carry an extensive selection of designer eyeglass frames from top brands like BajioCoco Song, and l.a.Eyeworks, at our store in Stuart, FL.

Our selection allows the perfect combination of style, fit, and lens options to suit your lifestyle and personality.

Whether for reading, fishing, or anything in between, the right pair of glasses can significantly improve the quality of your life. The Eye Man Optical wants you to enjoy the experience of shopping for new eyewear.

The frames we carry are unique, high-quality, and affordable. We have the finest eyewear the world has to offer, and our collections are constantly changing. 

Below, you’ll find details about our current eyewear selection. To explore their complete collection, simply click on the logo to visit their website.

Our curated selection includes eyewear from the following renowned designers:

Located in Stuart, FL

We’ve moved to a new location down the road from our old one in the B&A Industrial Park in Stuart, Florida. Life’s too short to wear ugly glasses! Come see us today!

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The Eye Man

We’re professional opticians and we’ve been helping people to see better, look better, and feel better for 30 years. High-quality and stylish frames, that’s our goal. We feel we’ve achieved it, come see for yourself!

the eye man brand eyeglass frames
prodesign denmark eyeglasses graphic

Prodesign Denmark

Prodesign is a danish eyewear company known for its craftsmanship and focus on design. Broad in variety and always unique, they are known around the globe as one of the finest brands of eyeglasses available.

betsey johnson background

Betsey Johnson

Both stylish and distinctly personal, Betsey Johnson Eyewear merges vibrant creativity with top-tier craftsmanship. Offering diverse frames, from avant-garde to timeless, they epitomize uniqueness, allowing you to express your personal style.

betsey johnson logo
betsey johnson logo
ocean background
wiley x logo
wiley x sunglasses

Wiley X

Wiley X manufactures sunglasses, prescription eyeglasses, and tactical eyewear. Founded by an Army veteran in the 1980’s, Wiley X started out developing eyewear and gloves for the U.S. military. Incredibly stylish, durable, and protective, Wiley X is truly in a class all by itself.

coco song eyewear
coco song designer eyewear

Coco Song Eyewear

Coco Song is an Italian brand that creates luxury eyewear for women. Hand-crafted with an oriental flare, Coco Song uses the finest materials in the world to create literal works of art.

swissflex eyewear
swissflex eyeglasses

Swissflex Eyewear

Outside of their fashionable appearance, wearing Swissflex glasses is like wearing nothing at all. Famous for their modular frame system, they are truly a brand for anyone and everyone.


Bajío sunglasses are designed primarily for fisherman who spend long hours on the water. Lightweight and comfortable, their high-quality frames combined with blue light blocking polarized lenses make them an ideal choice for anglers around the globe.

bajio sunglasses
eyes of faith eyeglass frames

Eyes of Faith

Eyes of Faith Eyewear is a brand committed to merging fashion and faith. Their eyewear combines stylish designs with inspirational messages, offering a unique blend of style and spirituality.


l.a.Eyeworks is a self described house of optical imagination. Started in 1979 by two opticians, their unique designs have turned their brand into one of the finest available in today’s market.

la eyeworks eyeglasses
lily pulitzer background

Lilly Pulitzer Eyewear

Lilly Pulitzer’s eyewear collection combines vibrant patterns with chic designs, offering stylish frames that embody the brand’s colorful spirit. Whether for prescription glasses or sunglasses, Lilly Pulitzer eyewear adds a playful touch to your look.

lily pulitzer logo
lily pulitzer eyeglasses
costa del mar eyewear

Costa Del Mar Sunglasses

Costa Del Mar, a renowned name in quality sunglasses, seamlessly blends advanced lens technology with durability, offering exceptional outdoor eyewear where style effortlessly meets top-tier performance.

igreen modular eyewear graphic

iGreen Hi-Tech Frames

iGreen Eyewear is a revolutionary eyewear brand that specializes in eco-friendly glasses. Flexible, light, and highly customizable, iGreen frames are a perfect choice.

Italian Marble Background
dolabany eyewear logo
dolabany eyewear

Dolabany Eyewear

Dolabany Eyewear is a family-owned and operated company that has been hand-crafting world class Italian eyewear since the late 1980’s. Using multi-barrel hinges and real rivets, Dolabany glasses are classically designed and built to last.

Faniel Eyewear

Faniel Eyewear offers a truly unique collection of eyeglasses to meet all personal styles. Whatever look you’re aiming for, Faniel Eyewear can provide the perfect pair for you!

faniel eyewear


J.F. Rey, a renowned eyewear brand since 1985, excels in avant-garde designs and craftsmanship. With diverse styles, from contemporary to classic, they merge fashion and function seamlessly. Discover distinctive, high-quality frames that reflect your unique style.

j.f. rey logo
j.f. rey eyewear
tropical beach
maui jim sunglasses

Maui Jim Sunglasses

Maui Jim has created a line of sunglasses that look great and provide superior protection from the sun’s harmful rays. They offer more than 125 styles, all of which are polarized and block 100% of both UVA and UVB.

Revo Sunglasses

Revo Sunglasses blend cutting-edge lens tech with sleek design. Renowned for clarity and style, they’re the choice for adventurers and fashion enthusiasts alike. From the great outdoors to city streets, Revo effortlessly fuses performance and fashion, elevating your visual experience.

revo logo
revo sunglasses