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How to Get the Best Glasses in Stuart, FL

It’s easy to find stylish, affordable  glasses in Stuart, Fl. Knowing what to look for helps, take a moment and check out our tips to get the best glasses for you!

 First Things First on Finding the Perfect Glasses glasses stuart fl

 In order to find the perfect glasses, consider this…
*Shape- Round, Cat Eye, Square, Low Rectangle and Aviator shapes are the leaders in today’s fashion. What’s most important however, is identifying your face shape to more easily find a complementary pair of eyewear. Our staff is trained to look for just that- the perfect combination of face shape and eyewear shape!


*Color- The question is do you want glasses that brighten you up? It’s amazing what a pop of color can do! Did you have in mind a more muted sophisticated look perhaps in tortoiseshell or black that goes with any wardrobe?  Another option is having your eyewear as a piece of jewelry in gold or silver. We offer everything from unique multi-colored glasses you won’t see elsewhere, to a simple classic style. Most importantly we asses the color of each customer to identify if cool tones or warm tones will look best. Then our Opticians go to work finding a great color pallet for you!


*Brand- Popular brands are great, Costa Del Mar, Ray Ban, Cazal, Caviar, TOMS, Oakley, we have them all and MORE! If you are looking for something that not everyone else carries, something more along the lines of Art For Your Eyes…we have that too! Our motto is Life’s too short to wear ugly glasses, so we like to have fun with eyewear!


 Take Two When You Visit Your Optician
 Now that you are feeling fantastic in glasses that are the shape, color, and style you love that you can also see clearly through, it’s time to consider a spare pair. When it comes to something as important as vision, you don’t want to be caught off guard unable to function and work, school, or even unable to drive safety. A back up pair of glasses is essential. Back up glasses can be made with anything from another fantastic frame (your second runner up), a basic frame, or even your old frames from previous prescriptions. Making the decision now to have a back up pair will save you a lot of trouble later on.


When you visit your Opticians at The Eye Man it’s easy to get the best glasses in Stuart, Fl.